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Why Your Cold Keeps Coming Back

October 14, 2019

Do you feel like you constantly have a cold or are getting sick? Well, your car might be to blame. See below on why your car may be making you sick. The average American spends around 40,000 hours in a car during their life. So it only makes sense to keep it as clean as […]

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Why Sanitizing Leads to a Healthier Home

September 11, 2019

Below we will go over why regularly sanitizing and disinfecting your home will lead to a much healther and happier home. Cleaning means removing any dirt, dust, or debris from a surface. Sanitizing makes a surface free of contaminants and reduces – not kills – bacteria and fungi. Disinfecting means to “kill” viruses and bacteria […]

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How to Clean Your Mattress Like a Pro

July 4, 2018

Have you ever thought about how much dirt and sweat your mattress collects? If we were to sleep every night for a whole year on our beds, we would be sleeping on our mattress 365 times per year, around eight hours each night. And an average mattress can last around 7 years, so doing quick […]

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