Why Your Cold Keeps Coming Back

Do you feel like you constantly have a cold or are getting sick? Well, your car might be to blame. See below on why your car may be making you sick.

The average American spends around 40,000 hours in a car during their life. So it only makes sense to keep it as clean as the interior of your house to keep sickness and allergies away.

Shake out mats regularly

The floor of your car is inevitably going to get dirty really quickly just from peoples’ shoes. If you shake your mats out regularly, you can go longer in between vacuuming.

Clean out cup holders

Cup holders can get gross pretty quickly from the bottoms of cups sitting in them, or even because they are a great little place to store trash. Throw away your drive-through drink as soon as you get out of the car so that the condensation doesn’t build up and drip down to create sludge.

Clean seats

If you have kids or pets, chances are the seats in your car have stains on them along with a healthy dose of hair, dirt, and crumbs down in the cushion seams. A few spritzes of water and a squeegee will pick up pet hair from your upholstery. Use an old toothbrush to get everything out of the cracks, and a magic eraser for stains or sticky things on vinyl or leather.

Clean Air Vents

To prevent build-up, keep a foam brush in the car to clean in between the crevices. Do this every two weeks.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be amazed at how your car can stay clean and fresh for longer.