Why Sanitizing Leads to a Healthier Home

Below we will go over why regularly sanitizing and disinfecting your home will lead to a much healther and happier home.

Cleaning means removing any dirt, dust, or debris from a surface. Sanitizing makes a surface free of contaminants and reduces – not kills – bacteria and fungi. Disinfecting means to “kill” viruses and bacteria by 99.9 percent. So it is recommended that you clean low-risk surfaces such as floors and windows, sanitize all surfaces that might be in contact with food such as kitchen counters and dining tables, and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces like doors, handles, cell phones, remotes or where particular viruses, molds, and bacteria are prone to grow like bathrooms.

Cleaning will always contribute favorably to your indoor health because allergens and microorganisms are being removed from the surfaces of the indoor environment but there is always the risk of cross-contamination.

So next time you are cleaning remember this: always begin with cleaning and then – depending on the part of your house you are cleaning – follow to sanitize and disinfect. Clean your floor and windows; sanitize your kitchen and dining room and disinfect your bathrooms, door, handles, phones and anything that you touch frequently. Also if any member of the household is sick make sure to disinfect your kitchen and dining room too.

With these tips, you will keep any viruses and bacteria away from your family and you will have a healthier home.